Blue Margin - Manufacturing HQ: Best-Practice Dashboards and Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

Blue Margin uses Power BI to give manufacturing companies improved visibility into locations, product lines, inventory, employee/machine utilization, and supply chains to improve alignment and focus on value-creation priorities.

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America runs on manufacturing. Every $1 spent in manufacturing adds $1.81 to the US economy, amassing more than $2 trillion each year - and employing over 40 million people. 

Blue Margin is proud to help mid-market manufacturers develop a dashboard suite that supports their specific goals and value-creation model. 

Manufacturing leaders who harness their data gain a competitive advantage that leads to increased margins. 

Manufacturing companies must contend with the complexity of locations, product lines, suppliers, processes, and data disparities that frequently interfere with management goals and value-creation strategies. Additionally, they need visibility into utilization variances, on-time delivery, quality assurance, cost control, and production efficiency to optimize operations. 

Manufacturing HQ is designed with manufacturers in mind. The Company Scorecard provides a high-level of the company's "vitals", helping executives keep a pulse on all business functions by measuring performance against goals. Individual report pages further explore Finance, Operations, Labor, and Machine Performance, and Customer Fill Rates. The dashboards allow users to drill down for further details by division, location, and employee to gain insight into points of constraint. 

Manufacturing HQ automates clarity and control for executives and job ownership and accountability for employees. On-time KPIs optimize focus and prioritization while surfacing metrics and benchmarks that "touch-the-nerve" to ensure everyone, from the board room to the shop floor, is focused on the same priorities. Blue Margin's Modern Data Warehouse design and rapid-iteration dashboards begin delivering automated, actionable insights in 2-4 weeks, without interfering with operations or IT. 

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