Deevita LLC - Azure SQL Database Performance Dashboard

This Azure SQL Database Performance Monitoring Dashboard built on Power BI platform provides several key metrics about database performance. It helps DBAs to better monitor and troubleshoot the performance issues of SQL Queries running on Azure SQL Database in real time.

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The Business Problem
  • During performance troubleshooting – Have you ever desired for a quicker process to follow, especially when your system had slowed down and when the business is being impacted?
  • Have you wished to compare the execution plans for a different time frame query easily?
  • Have you wished to regress the query plan quickly instead of going through a lengthy process of using a plan guide?
  • Have you wished if the query execution plans didn’t lose track even after a server restart or upgrade?

Deevita's Solution
  • Our dashboard provides basic reports. Besides, it enables users to understand the key metrics of SQL performance and identify the regressed queries. Also, there is a drill-through capability for deep-dive analysis.
  • As a DBA, you might have been executing performance troubleshooting for a long, irrespective of SQL Server versions
  • The dashboard is integrated with the SQL Server engine, so it captures information (such as queries executed, execution plans followed, statistics related to aggregated query run time) asynchronously. This features ensures there is only very minimal impact.
  • The dashboard follows the captured information in internal database tables for later use. Consequently, you can fetch this information even after a server restart (which is unlikely during a regular operation when a plan cache is stored in memory, and information can get lost after server restart).

This dashboard can be easily configured to an existing Azure SQL Database, and you can enable these features for a specific Azure SQL DB which requires performance troubleshooting.
  • To know what sort of workloads your customers are using – the dashboard captures query text and the query execution plan
  • To understand the top ‘n’ queries in terms of query execution time, I/O, memory consumption, etc. You can also find the top queries on a hourly basis
  • To find queries that have a high run time variance with respect to time
  • To identify the number of times a query was executed in each time frame
  • To discover the queries that have changed plans since time
  • To analyze resource utilization (such as CPU, Memory, I/O) by the database (for which this feature has been activated)
  • To determine the history of query plans for a specific query
  • To audit the query cost so you can ensure the performance SLA, or you can even evaluate the capacity needs of an application and find the resource contention
  • To quickly find a plan performance regression by executing the previous query plan which was believed to be performing better than a newly generated plan
  • To fix queries that have recently regressed in terms of performance due to the changes in execution plan after recent upgrades or any other changes

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