DXC.Technology - Customer Analytics built on Microsoft Azure

Customers today are more informed, demand speed and need to feel valued. DXC Customer Analytics is designed to address pressing demand of understanding customer behavior and predicting their needs.

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Customer Analytics built on Microsoft Azure

For a business to grow it is essential to retain and build upon its customer base. This provides a platform on which revenue can increase, thus placing the business on a cyclical upward trajectory. Retaining the customer base requires not only good customer service, competitive pricing and desirable products, but also marketing and promotional strategies that are efficient, timely and, as not all customers have the same needs, aimed at the right group or segment of customers.

Providing the capability to understand the customer, track behavior and predict future needs enables the business to be able to plan, react and influence external factors that are core to the business. The Customer Analytics built on Microsoft Azure solution provides that capability via dedicated Power BI interactive screens for Business Executives, Marketing Managers and Customer Service personnel.

Solution focuses that bring speed to intelligence:

360º view of customer for a single source of truth

  • Integrate, store and analyze customer data from new and traditional data sources into a single customer 360° view
  • Use of Azure technologies like Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL DW technologies to ingest and store data.

Predicting customer context and provide personalization using Machine Learning

  • Leverages DXC customer analytic capabilities to perform segmentation and profiling, identify top predictors of churn and next best product recommendation to manage changing customer expectations
  • Identifying cause connections between business issues (e.g., churn), competitor factor and social network discussions
  • Use of Azure technologies like Azure Machine Learning to perform predictive analysis.

Widely distribute analytic insights to customer touch points for decision augmentation or automation

  • The flexibility of integrating customer analytic insights into core business processes, here are some examples:   (a)Timely distribution of customer insights to all touch points that provide differentiated service or foster loyalty, e.g. integrate analytics insights to Contact Center applications;  (b)To influence a purchase for upselling or cross selling – by analyzing similar customers and predicting customer’s likelihood to buy
  • Use of Microsoft technologies like Power BI to showcase the data analysis and visualization
  • DXC Application integration capabilities with omni-channel integration to CRM and application environments.

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