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Social Media Intelligence analytics provide near real-time insight into the hearts and minds of customers.

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The number of conversations occurring on social platforms continues to explode.  Today, there is a non-stop flow of stories in the media of companies whose brand perception toppled, seemingly overnight, due to a sudden burst of negative social media buzz.  The amount of time companies have to react to these moments has shrunk from days to hours to mere minutes.

To address this new world of every changing perceptions, companies are looking to DXC to expand their social intelligence spectrum beyond analyzing social media.   We help our clients to change the game by using social voice as early signs of consumer perceptions and integrate social media insights into critical business processes such as customer relationship management, warranty management and supply chain management.  In short, social media intelligence now needs to be near the heart of every business operation and DXC has the enterprise-level experience to integrate social analytics into everything you do.

Our solution is built on the Microsoft Azure platform leveraging multiple data feeds which can be streamed and integrated directly with other business data for immediate insight.  Additionally, the data can leverage multiple machine learning algorithms to capture and constantly refine insight to identify critical touch points or the people or institutions that can have the maximum impact with your audiences.

This demonstration presents data for energy businesses and compares conversation trends with search engine term insights.  Additionally the analysis provides insight into sentiment and hot topics of conversation.  With these three elements you have a starting point to understand and define actions which can drive success for your company.  The last section then identifies specific companies or individuals which can best help you share your messages across social media for maximum impact.  This influence page leverages DXC’s proprietary BrandClout algorithms taking in twenty-one unique factors about every social author (via on-going machine learning) to ensure you identify the best targets possible.

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