Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd - ERP 360 View Analytics for Dynamics 365 Business Central

ERP 365 View insights will deliver a 360-degree view of an organization's data and analytics for Dynamics 365 Business central enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities. With ERP 365 View Analytics, users can view and analyze data across different areas of the business, such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory management, and more.

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Our Certified team of experts Implements comprehensive analytics solution for your ERP system with Microsoft Power BI, provides support and training, enable successful analytics solutions adoption, and ensure the organization gets the most value from investment.

We address common challenges that businesses may face while implementing a comprehensive analytics solution using our Business knowledge in ERP implementation and technical expertise in data warehousing, data modeling, and data visualization, which can be a challenge for businesses with limited IT resources

Improved decision-making: 360-degree analytics in an ERP system provides a comprehensive view of an organization's data, enabling decision-makers to make informed choices based on accurate, up-to-date information.

Increased efficiency: By bringing together data from different departments and functions, 360-degree analytics reduces the time and effort required to find and combine data from various sources.

Better visibility: A 360-degree view of an organization's data helps managers identify trends, spot areas for improvement, and monitor progress in real-time.

Increased profitability: By making better use of data, 360-degree analytics can help organizations improve operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue, leading to increased profitability.

With Microsoft PowerBI and ERP 360 View analytics solution we deliver required business insights into Sales, Marketing, Customer service, Finance, Services, Manufacturing, and Human resource to have a unified view of the business. 

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