MRE Consulting, LTD. - Audix Insights Predictive IT Infrastructure Data Mining

Our Audix Insights™ solution will bring together key data from your organization into a single dashboard. By gathering IT asset information and correlating it with financial information, you will have an unprecedented view of the financial state and health of your IT infrastructure. Your business will not miss a beat.

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The business purpose of the Audix Insights platform is simple yet critical for your business.  If your staff is not able to perform their jobs because their equipment is not available or functioning properly that hurts the company financially.  Every hour of downtime for a user means lost revenue.  The primary business purpose of the tool is to help technology services groups in supporting IT organizations as they deliver quality services to users and client which results in sustaining revenues and optimizing profit margins.  This tool is a foundational component of any technology infrastructure.  Additionally, the platform was extended for managed service providers, expanding the value proposition of the platform.  The Audix Insights platform is a key piece of an IT operational excellence strategy.

An additional business purpose is its use in providing business intelligence and analytics for the financials related to the assets the tool is collecting data from.  This aspect of the solution will give you visibility into software license compliance, cost of your assets, replacement costs, and end of warranty details.  This near real-time visibility into the financial aspects of the assets provides great insights and helps manage and optimize your equipment spend in support of your users.  

The primary way the solution works is by gathering information about IT infrastructure assets and by correlating asset information along with financial information in order to present operations and leadership with proactive issue intelligence, and financial information about your infrastructure.

 Through the use of the tool, IT operations become more efficient and improve the quality of services by enabling the team to be more responsive and proactive as the tool's data analysis finds issues before they negatively impacted business operations.

Our approach to use IT infrastructure data will provide you with a unique and unusual data source which when mixed with traditional data analytic techniques and visualization tools, will create a powerful combination of technologies which will help you deliver a much higher level of IT services.

 The tool is capable of identifying and detecting issues which are converted into actionable and focused tasks. This rapid detection and resolution approach will allows you to be uniquely positioned as a center of excellence in your company and ahead of your industry peers.

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