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How long do my customers have to wait at the checkout? In which part of the sales area do visitors spend most of their time? How many passersby come into the store? Restaurant, supermarket or shop: "Location Analytics for Retail" gives you a perfect overview of your store visitors.

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Whether restaurant chain, supermarket, fashion store, hardware store or car dealership: Obungi Location Analytics for Retail and Power BI give you the perfect overview of your retail space.

Movement analysis of visitors
  • In which area of my sales area are the most customers during the day? In the "Special Sales" area? With a special brand?
  • Where do they prefer to settle?
  • On which floor do they stay the longest?
  • How do customers move in my store. Where do you go first? Which contact points then follow?
Use location analytics to analyze the movement behavior of your store visitors on a sales area or across several floors. Receive valuable information on which store areas look attractive and which still have room for improvement.

Unwanted waiting times and staff shortages
  • Did my customers have to wait too long today at the checkout or in other store areas?
  • What is the ratio of visitor numbers to staff? Do I have too little staff at certain times?
Analyze the number of visitors within the premises and discover undetected waiting times, excessive visitor density or a lack of staff.

Attractive outdoor advertising: passers-by versus visitors
  • How many passers-by walked past my store today?
  • How many passers-by came to the store?
  • Is my external appearance attractive?
Check the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising or showcase your shop windows even better. With Location Analytics, you can see how many passers-by walk along your store every day and how many of them become visitors.

Visitor behavior and customer loyalty
  • How high is the number of visitors at a certain time?
  • How long did visitors stay in the store on average?
  • Is the store visitor new? Does he come daily, weekly or monthly?
Analyze exactly how your visitors behave. Are you coming back? Do they like to spend time with you? Do you make good sales?

Store comparison
Use Location Analytics for Retail to compare the performance of your various stores and get valuable insights.

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