Softcrylic - Omnichannel Campaign Explorer

The omnichannel campaign explorer provides a capable toolset for exploring digital campaign performance across channels.

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Softcrylic’s Omnichannel Campaign Explorer is part of an end-to-end solution for tracking and measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns across multiple delivery channels.

Leveraging industry leading practices in Activation, Data Platform Modernization, Digital & Advanced Analytics, Data Science, and Data Visualization, Softcrylic delivers on the promise of a platform – whole or in part – for solving the challenges of modern omnichannel campaigns.

Integrating data from multiple channels and platforms has been a problem for analytics teams for as long as digital campaigns have existed.   This problem is eliminated by our advanced pipelines, and presentation of performance metrics across multiple datasources and channels is now possible.

The explorer is a general purpose toolset for exploring the data delivered through the pipeline.  It is intended to be effective as a tool for data exploration, exposing outliers and trends in any combination of performance metrics.

The data is granular to and filterable by date, channel, category, subcategory, campaign, and code.  Dropdown slicers affect the output globally.   Additionally, 4 independent metric selections are available for visualization, and output dynamically changes to reflect the selected metrics.

To the left of the interface, the top campaigns in each of the 4 selected metrics are displayed on a column series, allowing for rapid identification of the best performing campaigns.  Clicking any one of these columns will filter the data to this campaign.   Hovering over a campaign will reveal a tooltip page that dynamically presents trendline and callout for the selected metrics.

To the right of the interface are three selectable tools for visualizing campaign performance.   The first is a scatterplot allowing report consumers to specify which metrics will be used for the X, Y, Size, and Color axes.   By clicking the second button to the top right, consumers are able to switch from the scatter to a trendline view for each of the 4 selected metrics.  And finally, the last option presents the data for the selected campaigns in a tabular format for detailed analysis or easy export to CSV.

The omnichannel explorer also includes complete semantic development that can readily be consumed by custom reporting views.   Contact Softcrylic for a comprehensive omnichannel solution today!

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