Voiceback Analytics Pvt. Ltd. - Business Decision Making Assist in post COVID recovery

As economy recovers after the pandemic, business decisions would become difficult as the past organisational data becomes meaningless. The sales trends of last year cannot be used as a benchmark. The recovery itself would be slow and patchy and some regions / countries would continue to be affected by COVID. And Then there would always be a risk of a 3rd wave or a new variant emerging to create uncertainty. Our Recovery Pathway Report, connects with multiple available data sources on economic trends, pandemic trends, currency trends, community mobility trend to continuously evaluate and show you the oncoming trends . It would help you see a trend before it emerges and help you take a quicker & better decision.

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Frequency of Update

The data set would get updated in real time as the back end data sets are updated by various authorities. 

Data Sources

a) Pandemic Trends :- these are the reported trends on how COVID pandemic is spreading or is being contained. These are reported numbers like cases reported, tests done, deaths in absolute and in per million of population 

b) Pandemic Control Trends :- these would be the Vaccination results. These are reported in how many people have been vaccinated in absolute and in per million of population

c) Community Mobility Trend :- As business recovers, people would start getting mobile. These reports are being captured as Community Mobility Trends by google. We analyse them at various possible 

d) GDP Data :- GDP data is announced by most countries in a quarterly basis. These are good indicators of how the growth is returning 

e) Tax Collections :- Tax Collections data is released by many countries. In India, it is reported as GST collections data at a state / province level every month

f) Automobile Registration data ;- Automobile Sales data is released at a district level in India. These are great indications of how consumption is shaping up at a district level. 

g) Additionally, there are other data sets of interest like Price of Gold, Stock Market Index or Exchange Rate with US Dollars or Euro as the case maybe. These are indicative of the state of economy and can be a great help for business decisions. 

In Summary

This report can combine all these data sets along with the Primary , Secondary of Tertiary sales data of any operation and throw powerful insights to help business decision making. We can even customise the report to your requirements.

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