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Predica LLC

We help our clients to better understand their businesses and make the right decisions based on insights, not guesses. Our services in data analytics range across 6 main areas:

  • Ensuring the correct storage configuration for keeping data secure and ensuring it is easy to access and manage
  • Transporting and syncing data across various sources within hybrid cloud / on-premises environments
  • Using Advanced Analytics techniques such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning to recognize hidden patterns within data
  • Leveraging the latest technologies such as Azure Machine Learning, Data Lake Analytics or Time Series Insights for greater business intelligence
  • Expanding Excel capabilities for a wider scope of analysis
  • Visualizing data for meaningful evaluation and simplified decision-making.

Predica has helped a number of clients to improve their performance with the use of Power BI.

One of our clients wanted to adopt an enterprise social network for their personnel to encourage knowledge sharing and promote employee engagement. We have implemented Yammer across the group, however it lacked a user-friendly tool for measuring usage and driving adoption. We have therefore designed and developed a platform based on Azure Data Services and Power BI. The solution made it possible to view activity patterns and adoption rates, as well as define new dashboards and reports. This allowed for a successful realization of business objectives related to enterprise social solutions.

We’ve also implemented Power BI for a client who wanted to visualize their data from Dynamics CRM. Our solution provided a platform where tasks could be managed and assigned online. The portal showed an overview of KPIs and trends and had a mobile reporting functionality. Power BI integration allowed our client to gain a greater insight into their sales projects, enabling trend analysis and resource planning. You can read more about this project here.


You can learn more about our solutions using Power BI and data analytics by browsing our blog or by contacting us directly.

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