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ShareAdvance provides advanced analytics for business application data.  Currently we focus on strategic investment data managed in Microsoft Project Online.  Our ability to collect and analyze this information provides insight for our customers that is unique in the industry, enabling real time decision support.  Our customer deliver projects in shorter time frames, with higher quality while saving money and resource time.  

The adjective data-driven means that progress in an activity is compelled by data, rather than by intuition or personal experience. This is also called evidence-based decision making. 

Companies today are finding many ways to apply new analytical techniques to their data, allowing them to make better decisions.  One huge area that has been largely ignored to date is data around strategic project investment.  This discretionary spend represents a huge amount of outlay for large enterprises, yet decisions are typically made with very little information.  ShareAdvance is looking to change that utilizing proprietary methods for collecting data, and then Power BI for presenting it in an easily consumable, actionable format.

Companies have many methods for decision making.  Senior leaders often must make choices about actions to take on their project based on past experience and intuition.  Other times decisions can be forced by circumstances.  No matter how decisions are made, they are always better if supported by data.  Modern analytics gives leaders better insight than ever, but that only works if there is data.

Project Online is like most line-of-business systems; when you make a change, you overwrite the previous value.  That means you are destroying a very valuable asset.

ShareAdvance uses big data and artificial intelligence techniques to capture, store and analyze your data, bringing new insight to the discipline of project management.

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