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Established in 1988, Sagra Technology has designed EMIGO - a leading IT solution which supports sales, marketing and analytics, today delivered in the cloud computing model. 

EMIGO automates everyday activities, seamlessly integrates with distributors and allows access to updated address databases. It aims to organize and manage workflows in order to increase efficiency and productivity while building lasting relationships with clients. As a result, our clients are informed and fully equipped to plan, analyze and act promptly wherever their business is taking them.

Always innovating around ways to make processes more efficient and to bring accessible data to people who need them, we began architecting the solution that would eventually become an analytical platform.

BIQSENS uncovers and analyzes hidden or siloed data and delivers them in the form of a comprehensive body of information to make sure everyone derives insights from the same version of the truth and makes decisions aligned with the organization’s challenges, opportunities, and objectives.

Sagra is successful at reaching large, enterprise customers because of its cutting-edge services based on Microsoft Azure technologies as well as Microsoft co-selling and marketing support.

Biqsens, based on Microsoft Power BI, a central platform of analytical applications supporting sales processes and sales team efficiency management. It operates on data from various sources from inside and outside the organization (also from CRM/ERP data), and CTA buttons are a direct transition to specific actions launched in integrated systems.

Biqsens is a platform for generating analytical applications supporting business processes in organizations in industries such as FMCG, CPG, DIY, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and devices. It includes over 50 interactive analytical applications regarding routes, status of goals, sales, competition activities, results of promotional campaigns, sales team effectiveness and market shares. It operates also on a set of data from a retail distribution network delivered by Integra platform from Sagra Technology. This is data on actual inventory, orders sent directly to suppliers' sales and warehouse systems together with full feedback on the reasons for the failure to complete each order item. The integration of all parties in the supply chain - the manufacturer, distributor and commercial networks allow for effective settlements and detection of non-compliance (frauds).

The Biqsens platform is:

  1. Useful information and real support for decisions at many levels of the organization in a form of highly functional, ready-to-use BI analytics.
  2. Analytical applications based on one, common dictionary of products, customers, units of measurement, etc.
  3. A unique way of distributing interactive analytical applications within the organization and for external partners along with the possibility of outsourcing fully digitized activities to other systems (through CTA buttons).
  4. Ensuring complete data security in the organization with data filtering at the source level, which results in an individual analytical database for each recipient, consistent with his position and authority in the organization.
  5. Together with Integra Platform is delivers data from external partners, i.e. distributors and commercial networks, regardless of the data format (XLS, DB, API, CSV).

Data security is ensured also by intgegration with the client's Azure Active Directory.

Innovative and unique features that distinguish Biqsens service from competing solutions:

  • an innovative way of distribution of analytical reports within an organization (out-of-the-box reports delivered to, no need to dowload pbix)
  • own, automatic PBIX file translation tool
  • proprietary analyst templates for over 50 areas and processes related to sales, distribution and work efficiency
  • the first, Polish certified, public connector for Microsoft Power BI Desktop (available from late 2019)
  • proprietary, flexible mechanism for managing the hierarchy of the organization and for current data recalculations
  • proprietary platform for integrating data from many sources together with an innovative technology of combining data based on different identifiers (Integra Platform + Spoivo technology from Sagra Technology)

Main business benefits that organizations achieve or can achieve as a result of Biqsens service implementation:

  1. The organization builds knowledge on one business language standard, and all the necessary data is consistently collected in one platform and made available in the form of analytical applications for specific areas, processes or teams.
  2. By significantly accelerating the decision-making process, the organization builds a competitive advantage without the need for specialized analysts.
  3. The highest level of data access protection without unnecessary exporting or sending via email, based on your role and authority in the organization.
  4. Visualization analyst friendly and easy to read, accessible to users at every level in the organization.

Methods and approach of Biqsens development, including ways and cycles of providing updates and new versions:

  1. Ongoing implementation of the latest technologies available in the Microsoft Azure and Power BI cloud with updates up to every quarter
  2. Integration with Office 365, Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate, PowerBI Desktop
  3. integration with the ERP systems of the client and his partners (distributors)

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