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Softcrylic specializes in partnering with our clients to establish robust and transformative self-service BI.  Effective Business Intelligence processes data from every touchpoint and extracts valuable insights from the convergence of data previously siloed across diverging platforms. 


Softcrylic offers solutions at every level:  from implementation to architecture to visualization to value realization.  Our expertise focuses on solving the Bermuda Triangle of data:  incorrect insights, missing data, and unused data to create thorough, optimized, and beautiful reporting 
We offer the following services, all or in part, to digitally transform your business: 


  • Discovery 
    Determine available data resources, state of existing reporting, identify principals on internal teams, and conduct kick-off discussions with your team to establish goals and establish milestones for the delivery of objectives.  
  • Exploratory Analysis 
    First contact and Initial analysis of datasets. 
  • Reporting Architecture 
    Specification and implementation of optimal infrastructure for Data Science and Reporting. 
  • Data Prep 
    Data acquisition, ingestion, ETL/ELT, modeling, dimensioning, schema architecture, or even taxonomy for unified data architecture.  
  • Business Requirements 
    BA teams will meet with your business stakeholders to determine the end-to-end requirements and business rules for presentation. 
  • Report Design 
    Mock-up report approach on pre-production data and confirm sign off on report design. 
  • DataMart Construction 
     Automated and offshore processes for the ingestion of data sources into a reporting schema, including transformation and alignment of disparate data sources. 
  • Report Optimization  
    Data modeling and logical optimization to deliver best-possible performance. 
  • Functional Report Review 
    User Acceptance Testing ahead of full production delivery. 
  • Production Reporting 
    Full report evaluation on production data, with internal QA teams, QA with consumers or clients.  
  • Training 
    Train internal analytics teams on reporting datasets and reporting techniques to provide self-sufficient internal teams progressing to fully data-driven business.  

  • Distribution  
    Omnichannel delivery of reporting content to consumers across devices and platforms for always-visible insights. 


Softcrylic will engage any or all of these processes to provide effective and transformative Business Intelligence for your enterprise. 

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