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Blue Margin uses Power BI to help Private Equity firms optimize fund performance and portfolio growth. In addition to Data Visualization, our Data Architects build the back end ETL and data warehouse.

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With over 3,000 private equity firms in the US alone, competition is fierce. Leading firms are increasingly leveraging data to outperform the market. Blue Margin’s PE reporting solution makes it easy for fund managers to monitor portfolio and fund performance, industry benchmarks, covenants, fundraising, outreach, and every aspect of operations.  


PE firms need to optimize financial and operational performance to stay competitive. Central to this effort is digital and data transformation to remain at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Key phases in the investment lifecycle supported by data include:   

  • Target acquisition data diligence 
  • First 100-day data strategy  
  • Organizational adoption of business intelligence to operationalize the value-creation plan  
  • Efficient integration of bolt-on acquisitions at the data layer  
  • Substantiating valuation at liquidity event  

Private Equity HQ provides partners with easy access to insights that enable accurate decisions in near real time. Dashboard insights include:  

  • Monthly Flash: Provides comparison for Sales, EBITDA, Gross Profit, and Op Ex against Actuals, Budget, Forecast, and Operating Plan for year-to-date, month-to-date, and trailing 12 months.   
  • Days Outstanding: Provides a 12-month trend per fund family for days sales outstanding, days inventory outstanding, and days payables outstanding.   
  • Ownership and Performance: Provides visibility into the invested amount, rate of return, and MOIC.   
  • Debts and Covenants: Provides insight into the financial covenants for company leverage and includes net debt and payment coverage over the last 12 months.  


Private Equity HQ runs on an agile, Modern Data Warehouse, that helps private equity firms:  

  • Monetize data as a transferable asset that increases the valuation of portfolio companies.  
  • Differentiates portfolio companies and accelerates realization through instant-access answers for any diligence from potential suitors.  
  • Support the buy-and-build model by consolidating operations at the data level without the need to integrate ERPs and other systems.  
  • Eliminate the need for cumbersome and onerous Board scrutiny by aligning deal teams with management teams through clear visibility for all stakeholders into portfolio companies’ key operating metrics.  
  • Instill an ownership mentality and automate accountability within portfolio companies by promoting a data culture and ensuring key roles have the instrumentation needed to manage their area of the business.  
  • Minimize the need for ad-hoc meetings, report requests, and wading through outdated, manually generated spreadsheets.  
  • Improve oversight through consolidated fund and portfolio reporting into key liquidity metrics (AP, AR, 13-week cash flow, quality of earnings, etc.) for value-creation strategies such as sales growth, labor utilization, and operational efficiency. 

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