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Over the past two decades, Akvelon has provided software engineering and project management services for our clients that range from up-and-coming startups to global Fortune 500 companies that build and operate complex software.

Akvelon is a global team of over 800 problem solvers who have deep technical knowledge, cutting edge ideas, and a passion for software engineering. We tackle the most difficult software engineering challenges for our clients, delivering long lasting results with incredible value.

Our teams have experience building complex software in the most popular technologies as well as a few that most people have likely never heard of. From Microsoft Power BI, Big Data, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud, mobility engineering, bots, and Enterprise systems, we have likely done it, are doing it, or will be doing it soon given our client’s trust in us to take on new challenges to help them advance in their endeavors. 

Akvelon’s extensive expertise in Microsoft’s Power BI has immensely benefited our clients when it comes to turning their large and numerous streams of data into valuable insights that they can leverage to improve their business analytics and processes. Akvelon’s experience with Microsoft Power BI runs deep: although Microsoft Power BI recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, Akvelon began working with it long before that. The Akvelon team is proud to have contributed to Microsoft’s Power BI over the years, from helping their team develop over 30 custom visuals to providing infrastructure, quality assurance, and DevOps support. Akvelon also developed several Power BI custom visuals and offers them for free on Microsoft’s AppSource, helping companies from all over the globe turn their data into useful visuals.

When you build your team with Akvelon, you can rest assured knowing that we will connect you with the best and brightest software development professionals, their processes, and their passion from around the globe that will help you take your business and career to the next level. 

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