Polestar Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. - CFO Cockpit: Account Receivable (AR) Solution

Streamline Financial Analysis & Reporting to present a comprehensive picture to your decision makers. AR dashboard, a part of CFO Cockpit allows you to have better business control and manoeuvring as you have access to the right kind of finance metrics and views at your fingertips.

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Leveraging rich reporting capabilities of Power BI with an expert understanding of Polestar on the financial domain, we have created a detailed financial performance evaluation platform for your business of which Account Receivable dashboard is a part.
CFO Cockpit is a plug and play solution, which cuts development time by 60% to deliver pre-built Data Marts, KPI and What-If analysis other than Drill Downs reports and Visualizations. CFO Cockpit gives instant insight into all business operations and helps you stay afloat with the right financial and business decisions on the go.

As a CFO, are you able to?
Drive integration of information across the enterprise?
Measure and monitor business performance?
Provide inputs to organization strategy?
Execute continuous finance process improvements?
Support/manage/ mitigate enterprise risk?
Drive enterprise function cost reduction?
Accurately budget and forecast?  

What do you need?
As the CFO of your company, your organization relies on you for more than just numbers. Yes, spreadsheets and financial reports are the hallmarks of your profession. But what about business intelligence and forecasting? 
What they need to boost performance is a financial reporting dashboard to aggregate data from different business units and provide insights into alternative strategies. Once various data sets are connected visually, patterns emerge, extrapolation is possible, and the future is less murky

What we have to offer?
The dashboards should provide a quick view of identified KPI’s and other critical information to enable informed decision-making 
The dashboard should help the CFO and his organization to reduce risks and help improve profitability 
It should provide a one glance view of the top customers/products/ geographies of the company
For better business control and maneuvering, it is mandatory to have data at fingertips 

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