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About Victa

With over 10 years of experience, Victa has delivered innovative business intelligence solutions to more than 800 customers in all industries. Our goal is to help organizations become data-driven by visualizing data in a way that easily fosters insights and drives key decisions.  We support our customers with an innovative portfolio of Power BI products and services, helping them pave a pathway towards the future. We use the best possible solutions in the field of Business Intelligence, through market leading software solutions and expert employees.

Power BI services/expertise

Power BI Consultancy

If you are looking for professional support in the field of Power BI then you can rely on the expertise of our certified implementation consultants. Victa guarantees professional development of Power BI dashboards that completely cover your needs. At Victa, you as a customer feel excellently understood and valued by our expert employees who continue to distinguish themselves through their expertise, result orientation, proactivity and job satisfaction.

·       Unlock all possible data sources;
·       Design efficient data models;
·       Design dashboards, reports and KPIs;
·       Design graphic templates;
·       Data Management / Warehouse development;
·       Azure configuration for Power BI groups/users;
·       Azure infra architecture;
·       BI Delivery Management;
·       Setting up BI department as Competence Centre (BICC);
·       Project management

Power BI Training

If you are looking for professional training on using and implementing Power BI within your organization you can rely on the educational services from Victa. We offer various Power BI courses which enables self service Power BI. After following one of our courses attendees will have the following knowledge / skills:

         Know what Power BI is and what you can do with it;
         Access multiple data sources;
         Develop a simple data model;
         Develop first reports;
         Collaborate with colleagues;
         Manage users and access;
         Assemble dashboards;
        Use Power BI for mobile

Power BI Cloud Hosting (Azure)

Victa offers its customers the possibility to roll out Power BI applications on the Microsoft Azure platform. In combination with Power BI Cloud Hosting from Victa, you no longer have to worry about how your Power BI applications work. Victa is responsible for managing, maintaining, updating, backing up and providing support for your Power BI applications.

 Power BI Connectors

The Power BI Connectors are web services that allow you to easily retrieve data from social media and web-based data sources (SaaS). The desired data can be easily retrieved using specific web APIs. All you have to do is select which type of data and how much data you want to retrieve. The Power BI Web Connectors then automatically generate the correct load script for Power BI.

Power BI Product Models

Victa supplies you with Power BI product models (plug & play dashboards) that enable you to make a quick start. Thanks to the many years of experience and the cooperation ties that Victa has with various ISV’s (software suppliers), Victa supplies you with the best possible platform solutions. The standard models that Victa has developed for these software packages are "plug and play" with the guarantee of continuity in the future.

Power BI Data Warehouse

Victa is supplier and implementation partner of TimeXtender. TimeXtender is a Data Warehouse Automation solution for building a modern data estate.  Discovery Hub is a data management platform that helps prepare and manage data for analytics and AI without writing code – automating the process of getting documented data in the right place, in the right form, and ready for analysis

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