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At IQ Business, we believe we are redefining management consulting to be more responsive to the challenges our clients face. Whether these challenges can be tackled by leveraging research from IQ Business and our partners, assigning IQ teams to design and implement solutions, or deploying point expertise to fill a skills gap, we will ensure our clients overcome their business challenges. Our clients demand a new value proposition from management consulting:
• More cost effective, faster and more innovative
• People with real expertise and experience
• Pragmatism – intelligence. applied.
• Finding a way in a volatile and challenging world

Through our client assignments, IQ’s mission is quite simply, to add value, in everything we do. IQ takes a holistic approach covering all elements of the client environment including strategy, people, process, policy, technology and metrics to ensure long term sustainability. However, whether you need a full solution or discreet elements, we will ensure, with integrity, a flexible way of providing your desired outcome. Talk to use about our solutions in the Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Telco and Industrial verticals

For businesses that seek to leverage IT to achieve their objectives, IQ has experienced professionals who can develop and implement effective IT solutions using our IT advisory, consulting, system integration and development capabilities to deliver business value early and continuously through skilled teams and agile practices. IQ can help you with:
• performance support and learning solutions using the IQ Business Brain
• custom .NET development for mobile, web, a desktop or server platforms
• Customer Experience Management solutions using Microsoft CRM and SharePoint
• system integration solutions using BizTalk and WCF
• database and data warehousing solutions using SQL Server
• Agile software development using SCRUM, Kanban and Lean

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