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Anywhere Anytime Communications - Silicon Valley VC Funding Growth from 2000 to 2017

On one Executive Dashboard, see over 5,000 Silicon Valley companies that VCs have funded, from 2000-2017.

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Our specialty is to help companies SEE THEIR DATA for better, more intelligent EXECUTIVE BUSINESS DECISIONS from anywhere, anytime and on any device ... in only DAYS! 

In this example, our client has been tracking "people, capital and companies" in Silicon Valley since 2000.  Bob Karr, the CEO and Founder, currently offers "extensive search output" output via an Excel file that then needs to be further analyzed to gain a broad range of insights and SALES opportunities with these high growth, well-funded, Silicon Valley companies. 

In this example, we took Bob's "5,398 Companies funded by 1 VC round or more" - 5,398 rows of data and 33 columns - and transformed it into a powerful Executive Dashboard, on "one single pane of glass".  We have used both the extraordinary "visualizations" found in Power BI and the amazing "cross-functional" slicing functionality to build this Executive Dashboard. 

We did this in only days = Excel to an Executive Dashboard! 

Further, we can deliver this on iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows 10 tablets, 2-in-1s, laptops, desktops ... and even on 50 to 80"+ HDTVs (with our Windows 10-in-a-box solution).

According to Bob Karr, the sheer amount of "VC funding" that has poured into Silicon Valley over the last 18 years creates a powerful "sales roadmap", to all sorts of companies, of exactly which companies to call on and even key C-Level executive decision makers that Bob also tracks.

We can apply this type of modular template to literally ANY DATA!

Please contact us so we can help YOU SEE YOUR DATA for better, more intelligent EXECUTIVE BUSINESS DECISIONS from anywhere, anytime and on any device ... in only DAYS!

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