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Banking Business Insights is a MIS Dashboard that provide a whole set of predefined metrics and KPIs allowing to easily identify issues and trends to take intuitive and faster actions in this area.

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Most existing Management Information Systems have severe limitations:
  • Volume and complexity of information to be handled is growing “exponentially”;
  • Multitude of data sources making it virtually impossible to create consensus about which is the right one / the official;
  • Difficulty to separate data from information and insight; huge amounts of data often generate very little or timely insight;
  • Inappropriate formats (dense paper based reports and/or complex to navigate systems); In most cases reports / analysis are static and do not allow for root cause investigation;
  • Virtually impossible to compare with peers in a timely and seamless manner;
  • Very significant investment required and too long development, set-up, and installation cycles.

Having this in mind, Banking Business Insights (BBI), a MIS Dashboard, was conceived in order to provide a whole set of predefined metrics and KPIs allowing to easily identify issues and trends to take intuitive and faster actions in this area.

BBI addresses all of those who are familiar with at least one of the following quotes:

- "We struggle with too much data and less information. Thus, we lack insights, especially what is really important to manage the bank";
- "The links between different banking channels are missing. Real time net costs of funding or measuring the effectiveness of guarantees for credits are examples. What are the sector benchmarks to compete against is necessary as well";
- "We have too many people in our data resources. Time and machine input for IT is not efficient. I'm supposed to cut costs, but the demand is growing".

BBI is:

  • All critical and updated information you need about your bank, peers and industry;
  • Consistent information, automatically adjusted;
  • Low and predictable set-up and maintenance cost;
  • Distinctive and intuitive user experience;
  • All of that on a strict and secure infrastructure.

BBI provides:
  • Most relevant and constantly updated performance indicators for your bank(profits, volumes, revenues, operating costs, impairments, clients, transactions);
  • Granularity on segment (e.g. mass, affluent) and sub-product level (e.g. term deposits, mutual funds, credit cards, insurance);
  • Long term historical trends on a daily, monthly and yearly basis;
  • Benchmark against peers (industry average, same size, same geography, best practices).

Key features:
  • Totally scalable & secure;
  • Presents state-of-the-art interface controls;
  • Entirely cloud based;
  • Allows to search & drilldown;
  • Customizes metrics & KPIs;
  • Drives expertize & insights; 
  • Points out where to focus on;
  • Accessible collaboration anywhere;
  • Real time information.

BBI in numbers:
78 KPI’s on absolute term;
+ 236 Performance ratios;
+ 78 Market shares;
= 392 KPI’s.

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