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The HPE SmartTicket Hub is the Dashboard interface for a train ticket system. Customers can view their personal data and rail providers can view information about customer trends and infrastructure usage.

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SmartTicket Hub

The HPE SmartTicket Hub is the Dashboard interface for a train ticket system that uses customer’s smart phones to automatically charge for journeys. A Windows based app allows the user to easily plan and manage their trips from their phone or computer. Sensors in the station and on the trains allows the rail company to track and accurately bill customers for journeys; without the need for bottleneck causing turnstiles or ticket purchasing systems.

The Dashboard interface is divided into two separate parts: 1) the User Dashboard and 2) the Corporate Dashboard.

The User Dashboard is designed to keep the customer connected to their SmartTicket data. Using Power BI’s Row Level Security feature, the user is greeted with their data (and only their data) when they login. Here they can see useful information such as the amount of credit they have remaining, the number of loyalty points they’ve accrued and the total number of trips they’ve taken.

The Dashboard adds value by providing them with details of the trips:

- How often they start a journey from any given station.

- The dates and frequencies of their travels

- Visualization of journeys undertaken.

- A breakdown of the above by selecting a date of interest on the bar chart.

- The Corporate Dashboard is used to display information of interest to the rail company in terms of infrastructure management and promotional work. It display summary numbers of interest such as the total top-ups to date, the total amount of loyalty points that have been earned and the number of people using the SmartTicket system.

The first page also displays information that is of interest to company for managing their system:

- The number of free seats on a given journey leg.

- Train usage in terms of number of trips and percentage of time in service.

- The most recent date that a data refresh has been done in Power BI to ensure the user is working with the most up-to-date data.

The second page in the Dashboard is used to display trends in users and their usage habits:

- The distribution of the user ages and the amount of credit they keep in their accounts.

- Social media references and payment methods.

- The date and amount of top-ups.

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