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Perkins Consulting, LLC

With an exciting new cloud-based approach to business intelligence Power Bi represents a truly new look at how organizations can leverage data. Perkins Consulting is well positioned with over twenty years as a Microsoft Partner in Data Analytics and a team of Power BI experts. Our team provides a range of services around Power BI from requirements and design to engineering and delivery.

Power BI Services

  • Data Engineering - preparing data for easy and efficient use in Power BI. Integrating private and public data from multiple sources. Using proven dimensional modeling techniques along with powerful technologies such as Azure SQL Warehouse.
  • Statistical exploration - using R and Azure ML to explore data using techniques such as market basket analysis, customer segmentation and time series analysis
  • Requirements and Design - Using techniques such as BEAM to understand how organizations can truly leverage data rather than simply looking at pretty dashboards that reinforce what they already know. 
  • User Interaction - Assisting with visual design to deliver clean, usable and easy to understand information in Power BI. Delivering information using the right format whether that is Power BI embedded, Power BI Mobile or a desktop browser.

Experienced team
We've found that having a long-time, salaried staff provides huge payoffs for our clients in clear and efficient communication. Our team all resides here in the Pacific Northwest and have been working together for many years.

Power BI Development Practices

By using a distributed version control system such as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Git we deliver a DevOps approach to business intelligence and analytics. These tools provide easy access for our clients via any web browser so that we can truly work as part of your team to deliver results quickly. 

The combination of long experience, a strong team of professionals and the tools and practices to work closely with our clients allows us to deliver a powerful jump-start to your Power BI initiatives. 

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Deseja se tornar um parceiro Power BI?

Parceiros certificados são uma parte importante da equipe! Encontre novas oportunidades comerciais, faça contatos e compartilhe os talentos e experiência de sua empresa com usuários do Power BI pelo mundo todo.

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