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Voiceback Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Customized Power BI Reports and Dashboards : We  create customized power BI reports and dashboards for your organization. We will model the complicated business requirements and create easy to use reports and dashboards. We will install gateways and integrate data flow from your reporting servers to ensure real time reporting for your teams. We integrate these into native apps using Azure or Premium Capacity enabling data visualizations for your operating teams at their mobiles or desktops. 

Dynamic Promotions Manager :- We use data analytics & our interfaced SMS & E-mail delivery engines to give CustomisedPromotions in offline brick & mortar store. 

The dynamic promotion engine works in Real Time and in stores, it provides following capabilities to an offline brick and mortar store. 

  • ·      Ability to know that a customer is inside the store
  • ·      Ability to profile him individually basis his buying history
  • ·      Ability to send a dynamic offer depending upon his past purchase history

The data is analysed and segmented as per various data analytics algorithms like Market Basket Analytics, Recency - Frequency grid on Power BI. Different Promotions are created as per the cohort identified. Once the customer is inside a store and gives a missed call. The server identifies the customer, checks his past purchase profile and delivers a promotional coupon in real time.  

SMART CRM : The customer level purchase data is analysedon Power BI. We work closely with the client & model his entire data on Power BI. With attractive visualisation and intelligent programming, the client can see various cohorts of customers and how they behave. The dashboard show various customer level data analytics to enable the client to decide his marketing campaign. On the CRM Sheet, the client has multiple filter enabling him to select the customers he wants to campaign. The client can then trigger SMS, EMAIL or Watsapp for his CRM campaign. The client can also create Audience Lists for his digital marketing campaign. The audience lists so created are fed into prominent social marketing channels and various digital marketing campaigns can be run on them or on like audience. The Power BI based tool improves the delivery & precision of your campaigns and give you better results and more sales per dollar spend.



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