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We helped our client with a real-time streaming solution. Our data analysts integrated the client's Salesforce datasets with the customized Power BI dashboard by leveraging Snowflake environment.

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Business challenges 

The client wanted to visualize datasets from their Salesforce application to resolve tailbacks in their sales pipeline. They aimed at tracking sales trends & projection, potential customers, closing more deals, and increasing their sales figures exponentially.   


They needed visualizing these metrics near real time to enhance their supply chain, sales, and business processes.  

 Real Time data streaming! 

Our data analysts are driven by WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle. We analyzed the residing data in the client's Salesforce application and endorsed the requirements by generating a minimum-viable-product.  

We kick-started the engagement by analyzing the client’s data proposed metrics. Within two iterations, our data analysts rendered the first copy of data visualization reports to the client. 

Our team integrated the Snowflake environment to extract data from Salesforce. Further, we transformed the data model to fit the constraints of real-time reporting in Power BI. 

We leveraged Snowflake’s SnowPipe service to achieve data streaming delivery to Power BI. 

Our data analysts implemented composite data modeling in Power BI to extract business critical real-time datasets. The ideal and low-priority datasets are successively extracted in batches. 

In addition, to boost the performance of Power BI real-time dashboard, we optimized datasets with incremental data refresh and aggregated tables to handle huge volume. 

We restricted data accessibility by leveraging row-level data security. This helps zonal, regional, district and organizational uplines to visualize the appropriate sales trends. 

Our team helped them identify visual patterns in sales barriers, lead creation & closure, conversion criteria, and much more insights. 

Right from creating leads to tracking high potential prospects, their sales team could intuitively visualize datasets and make appropriate strategies to boost their sales figures.      


Value add-on 

Our data analysts rendered extensive support to the client with knowledge transfer sessions and real-time training until their internal team serves as the center of excellence.  

Business gains   

Uplines could easily grab 360-degree insights on their CRM data to make critical business decisions that boost their revenue.  In addition, they can leverage the Power BI AI feature to get answers for customized queries on their Salesforce datasets.   

Our client experienced an 40% increase in sales figures by visualizing their accurate sales pipeline. They could easily identify high potential customers, follow up with them at regular intervals and eradicate roadblocks in sales pipeline.   

Sales managers could easily analyze their operations and route their workforce to high-yielding prospects.   
They had no more hassles of manual analysis of sales pipeline, report generation, and data visualization.     

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