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Ready to use & free dashboard which helps Technology Managers and developers to improve app development efficiency, reduce coding errors, improve operational turn arounds, and much more. Intellify provides the dashboard setup guide and Power BI file for free. Connect with us to grab yours now!

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Solution Overview:
Intellify's ready-to-use interactive dashboard identifies the application performance areas (bottleneck), errors/exceptions and inappropriate application logging from the application code and helps developers drill through the application code method by method and user sessions which helps technology developers and project leaders understand log better and help resolve exceptions quickly. The 'Execution Flow' helps in visualizing execution flow (sequence of methods) and identifying errors/exceptions and execution time so that the development team can work on it. The date range filter helps in filtering log data for the selected time period.

Pre-requisites to use this dashboard -  
1. Logging mechanism implemented in the application as suggested in the implementation guide
2. Data structure that is required for Dashboard
3. Read only access to table or file with data in the given format
4. Power BI Dashboards to be installed on the local machine and connect to a data source

Converting application logs into meaningful insights:
A) Usage Dashboard: 
        KPIs - 
                 - The dashboard shows an overview of the application log such as Unique users, Unique sessions, Number of Exceptions and Average session time for selected date range.

       Charts and Tables -
                 - Trends for User Session & User Counts over time, helps to track your Application traffic trend
                 - "Methods with Average duration" visual helps identify the bottlenecks in application performance along with the duration it takes for a given method. 
                 - "Users by session count" helps in tracking the user's session counts. This can also be interpreted as which users are using the system more.
                 - "Methods with Error logs" helps you understand the methods which are having exceptions and how many times that exception is logged. 
                 - "Methods with bad logs" helps you understand the methods which have got bad logging code and need correction
                 - "Error count Trend" helps you understand the improvement of the quality of code delivered
                 - "Session Details" helps you get details about the session, user, duration and total hops in that session. This can further drill down to methods

B) Execution Flow:
      - Execution flow dashboard helps in tracking the program flow of individual users for a selected date range and also user sessions.

The Dashboard which every Project Leader and Developer should have:
      - Tech team is always trying to deliver the best quality output, timely project deliveries, and maintain high performing application 
            A. Exceptions during different stages of application Development and resolving the same before those are reported by the quality team or users
            B. Tech team will get to know overall quality of the code that is being delivered and the number of technical exceptions increasing or decreasing 
            C. The Tech Team will also get to know or pinpoint certain pieces of code having issues intermittently or for a certain type of users only
Free solution implementation guide:
- Team Intellify has created a detailed yet simple-to-use implementation guide along with the required data structures 
- Intellify will provide a .pbix file which can be implemented and hosted on the user's Power BI service

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