The Cloud Factory EMEA Ltd. - Analytics for Fast Food Chain

The Cloud Factory Analytics for Fast Food Chain solution converts data into insights. Retail organizations can integrate business and operational data into a trusted data-warehouse facilitating a single version of the truth for an enterprise-focused, 360-degree business, operational, and customer view.

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The Cloud Factory Analytics is focused on resolving the key challenges for a rapidly growing fast food chain & support them in implementing advanced data-oriented initiatives to keep up with changing customer needs and market landscapes. It helps the retail business in:
  • Building a strategy for centralizing data from various data sources sitting in silos across organization
  • Acquire, extract, analyze, connect and visualize data
  • Integrate data into day-to-day processes with intuitive tools
  • Turn data into business assets that drives actions on the ground
  • Optimize data and analyze predictively
  • Provide data-based insights to right role and at right time

Executive report 
It gives a 360-degree business, operational and customer overview of Chupa fast foods Ltd. The report shows the actual turnover and actual customer count against the targeted values, profit and loss statement, the reporting status and the transaction made by brands.

Turnover V/S Budget Summary report
This analytic provides helpful insights through a quick and better visibility on turnover performance and no. of customers variations over a time against targeted values. The reports allow in depth understanding about the customer’s order preferences and patterns, which helps in decision making and improve turnover. It answers some of the questions such as:
  • Which branch do customers spend mostly? Which certain brand?
  • Does the eastern region have the same eating preference as the southern region?
  • How are customers most likely to order food?
  • What is the turnover and no of customers variance? Favorable or unfavorable?

Gross Profit Analysis report
This analytic highlight the menu's turnover performance, inventory management over a selected timeframe. It also enables decision makers to analyze the cost and gross profit/loss over sales. The wastages per menu can be identified for better assessment, cost reduction and increase profit margin. It answers some of the questions such as:
  • Ever wonder why wastages cost are going up? What is the reason behind the increasing wastage quantity?
  • What are the purchases being made per menus?
  • What is the cost of sales and gross profit over the past month per menu?
  • What are menus' best seller?

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