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Cloubis was founded in 2019 by two experienced BI professionals who combine business knowledge with technical expertise, a passion for data and a healthy dose of common sense. Today the Cloubis team is composed of several experts who specialize in end-to-end data solutions. Cloubis' mission is to facilitate informed decision making through our expertise in business intelligence and using cloud solutions. We help businesses deepen the understanding of their data through analytics.

  • We believe in a pragmatic stepwise approach to help you get the most out of your data.
  • We are a strong multidisciplinary BI team that offers end-to-end data solutions.
  • We offer a unique combination of business know-how and technical capabilities that allows us to really understand what would be most useful to you.

Team-as-a-service (TaaS)

Working with Cloubis means you will have a multidisciplinary team at your disposal. Building a new data application for your business is a huge workload with many different tasks that require different skills. There is no one person who could build this on his own. You would need data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, etc. This is why we don't just offer you one consultant but a whole team of data specialists who will make sure you get the results you want. In other words, you won’t need to worry about a thing! After making sure we understand your business and it's needs we will put together a team that, with their combined expertise, will empower you to unleash the full power of your data. We won't leave you to your own devices once we deliver your application, we strive to be a long-term partner that will continuously give you the support you need during your data journey.  


To tackle each case, we use a pragmatic and iterative approach in four phases.

  1. Discovery and planning
    To kick things off we will take you through a research phase where patterns, insights and outliers will be discovered by performing visual analysis on your data. We use these insights to develop strategies that can be used to reach your business goals.

  2. Demonstrate
    In just a few weeks we will show off our findings in a minimum viable product (MVP), a kind of prototype that can act as the foundation for future development. 

  3. Implementation
    The improved MVP will be implemented by following a flexible project plan. Changes can be made every step of the way to make sure your data is readily accessible and easy to interpret. 

  4. Optimisation and support
    You will never be left to your own devices, your Cloubis team will always be at your disposal to improve current data solutions and to offer support. This step definitively doesn't mean the end of our partnership, businesses evolve and so your needs will evolve aswell. This is a cyclical process that allows us to continuously optimize and adapt. 

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