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Clouds On Mars

Who we are

At Clouds On Mars, we have passion and experience in data visualization, business Intelligence and machine learning built on Microsoft Technologies. Clouds on Mars delivers services to companies from the United States, Europe and Asia with speed and unmatched business, analytical, technical and visual quality.
We enable fact-based, accurate and fast decision making by delivering the right insights to the right people at the right time. As an experienced and responsive business partner, we resolve problems using data science, Power BI, Flow and Power Apps.
We believe that business intelligence and machine learning are the new industrial revolution. Combining modern IT solutions and business experience gives us new opportunities for solving business issues and changing how companies operate and grow. At Clouds on Mars, we are passionate about both of these worlds and we want to transform businesses with IT.

What makes us different

Our company differs from our competitors by combining IT, visualization and analytics skills with business experience and understanding of corporate cultures and needs. We provide solutions designed and tested within leading FMCG, high-tech and finance organizations. We create cloud-based solutions, extremely simple to use, which build communication clarity with their great look and feel. Personally, our team is easy to deal with, flexible and responsive. Clear vision, passion of founders engaged directly in the business and market success allows us to hire the very best talent, and we further support each member of our staff with leading professionals in BI, ETL/DW, experience design, data visualization, data science and business domain experts. 
We work with Fortune 500 CPG leaders, global financial firms and technological leaders in advanced analytics. Geographically, our clients are located across the world in the US, Canada, European Union and Asia, in both off and on-site setups. Our solutions are used by Sales, Legal, HR, Market Research, Finance and Marketing divisions within Client organizations. 

Why Clouds On Mars

We can make you successful. We know how complex and frustrating driving digital transformation can be when you are dealing with huge amounts of data which needs to be collected, transformed and analyzed. Decision-making can be difficult when it is not properly supported. We can help in this process to achieve tangible business results.
No matter if we are talking about profits increase, cost reduction or increasing the effectiveness of marketing actions. We have done all of that with our clients and achieved extraordinary results. We can help in releasing new products, benchmarking against competition, monitoring results and finding new improvement areas. We have done that for other market leaders and we can do it for you.

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