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delevant is a Supply Chain Planning (SCP) company based in Cyprus and its expertise lies within planning. We strongly believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Our mission is to provide real economic value to our clients through solutions that will help them plan their operations better. We build all our solutions using the Microsoft Business Intelligence infrastructure and deliver them to our users with Office 365, primarily through Excel and Power BI.

delevant has been in the Supply Chain Planning area for the last 10 years. Our expertise has grown through working with various technology partners delivering projects in customers in all geographies (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Americas) and many industries including process and discrete manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, pharmaceutical, CPG, petrochemicals, cement and paper.

To ensure we deliver this value, our solutions follow a cycle process that consists of three sub-processes with one feeding the next: forecast, plan and monitor. Accurate forecasting leads to better planning and monitoring what was planned against actuals, leads to better forecasting for the next cycle and so on.

As previously mentioned, our solutions follow a cycle process consisting of three interconnected sub-processes, forecast, plan and monitor. Our solutions support these processes in three distinct levels:

  1. Financial Planning – driven by the office of finance usually in annual cycles
    1. Sales Budgeting (Forecast in money),
    2. Financial Planning (plan for money and consolidate),
    3. Financial Management Reporting (Monitor)
  2. Volume or Unit-Based Sales & Operations Planning – driven by the supply chain group usually in monthly cycles
    1. Sales Forecasting (Forecast in units – statistics combined with collaboration)
    2. Operations Planning (Supply-Demand balancing. Optimally allocate supply of units to plants, resources and suppliers)
    3. Monitor (Report forecast accuracy, demand fulfilment, planning exception reports)
  3. Detailed Production, Distribution Scheduling and Procurement – driven by production, procurement and logistics groups usually in daily cycles
    1. Intelligent netting of Sales Orders against forecast, forecast allocation to weeks and/or days (daily execution forecast)
    2. Scheduling & Procurement (plan daily operations and release them for execution)
    3. Monitor (Production KPIs, Planned vs. Actuals)

While our solutions utilize advanced mathematical and machine-learning algorithms in their core, planning results are delivered through the familiar and flexible Microsoft Office 365 and Power BI analytics and collaboration platforms. Integrating our planning functionality with a full-fledged BI platform such as Microsoft BI, enables sharing centralized, reliable, role-based and fully secure planning information in a collaborative way, offering comprehensive, flexible and transparent reporting in order for users to be able to evaluate, fine-tune and validate the results thus improving plan quality.

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