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Maureen Data Systems (MDS)

Customer Challenges

In today's modern workplace, finding accurate insights when you need it can not only help keep you ahead of your competitors, but it is vital in an ever-changing marketplace. Turning your data into a valuable asset rather than a cost center can be a challenge, but not impossible when the correct tools are implemented. 

Our Solution - Real-Time Data Analytics Platform

Maureen Data Systems (MDS) has the solutions that can help your organization gain the awareness and insight from existing data sources while using machine-learned algorithms to glean the intelligent analytic insights from transactional, operational, and forecasting related business data in real-time. Our vast technical professionals of over 75 employees with over 200 years of experience have led to us being recognized as a regional leader in both the US and Latin American markets, delivering advanced real-time insights for Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas, and Technology. As a Gold Data Analytics Microsoft partner, we also deliver professional services engagements outside of these core business verticals to extend how our clients can glean further outcomes from their data. For more details about our Real-Time data analytics platform, reach out to Maureen Data Systems in both the US and Latin American offices.

How our solution will impact your enterprise

By using our real-time data solution, your organization can gain the insights you need today, within minutes. In contrast, while many business intelligence solutions may provide a reporting infrastructure based on data that doesn't reflect the insights you need at that moment, our solution can provide visualizations based on data intervals of five minutes or less, the industry standard for real-time data.

  • Data ingestion of both Azure and Non-Microsoft data sources.
  • Gather actionable measures on a myriad of data types. Whether its retail transactions, usage, or event data.
  • Incorporates industry compliance and security protocols to ensure information protection.
  • Customized real-time alerts and notifications on critical key performance metrics.
  • Fraud detection and analysis of key business streams to identify risks and anomalies.      
  • Customized visualizations of usage, location, financial, and comparison intelligence.
  • View AI-influenced forecasting intelligence for projected product consumption, anomaly detection, preventative maintenance, and operational health.
  • Visualize rich, geographic, or location-aware intelligence for more compelling insights.

MDS Locations

  • New York, NY, US | Samantha Orszulak | 646-744-1094 |
  • Miami, FL, US | Patrick Hall | 676-744-1079 |
  • Houston, TX, US | Milan Stojic | 646-244-2710 |
  • Puerto Rico | Brian Maloney | 646-744-1084 |
  • Dominican Republic | Daniel Lopez | 786-475-4659 |
  • Jamaica | Matt Maloney | 646-744-1069 |
  • Bahamas | Matt Maloney | 646-744-1069 |
  • Barbados | Matt Maloney | 646-744-1069 |
  • Trinidad & Tobago | Matt Maloney | 646-744-1069 |

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