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OmniData Insights


OMNIDATA Insights is a high-performance, Microsoft focused partner providing specialized business technology consulting services in the areas of Analytics & AI, Cloud Modernization and Data Estate Modernization.   

Our mission is to simplify complex problems and help customers maximize value.


OmniData Insights is at the forefront of analytics & AI, delivering proven solutions for industries through a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in the industry while driving digital transformation. With subject matter expertise on both the business and technology side, we are uniquely positioned to assist with data, analytics and AI solutions:
>>> Manufacturing
>>> Retail
>>> Education
>>> Financial Services
>>> Media & Entertainment

As a Gold Certified Data Analytics and Data Platform partner with extensive Power BI deployment experience, we assist customers with:


In these, executive driven engagements, we help clients align business objectives while creating a data source prioritization matrix to align business outcomes to data, all while building an understanding of the business value that can be derived from the combined data.


In this engagement we focus on building a data asset by combining data from disparate sources into a single cohesive, easy to navigate and complete unified analytics environment that can be leveraged to drive business objectives.


In these engagements, we apply the strengths of AI and Machine Learning to client problems, allowing us to optimize everything from supply chain to sales forecasting.


Exposing the value of data to business to tap into the strategic value, requires clear visualizations and the ability to perform uninterrupted and seamless discovery and exploration of data points presented in dashboards and reports.  

OmniData exclusively uses Power BI to drive data visualizations and provide services in:
>>> Power BI Deployment Strategy
>>> Power BI Environment & Architecture Services
>>> Using Power BI for Data Visualization and Data Storytelling
>>> Dashboard and Report Design and Development
>>> Power BI skills augmentation and training

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