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Technoferry International Ltd.

Technoferry International is an IT solution & Consulting company based in Greenwich ,London. We specialise in  deployment and development of  Microsoft cloud-based software solutions  such as PowerBI, Powers apps, MS Flow and Office 365.

Our team at Technoferry is unique in a way that we only hire the top developers and Consultant in the industry with proven enterprise class experience. We also set the bar very high for ourselves and all of our team to ensure you are receiving the best possible software solutions and service. Each technical design is reviewed by our team of experts and fully tested in our lab to ensure a successful implementation in your environment.

On behalf of our Customer SONEUK , Our PowerBI Specialist  created a highly visual and interactive report in Microsoft Power BI to represent the geographical mobilization and demographics of UN Volunteers.

 The report contains:

              Number of Volunteers

  • Number of Volunteers over time
  • Number of Volunteers by Region
  • Number of Volunteers by Country
  • Number of Volunteers by Assignment Type
  • Number of Volunteers by Volunteer Type
  • Map visualization
  • Correlation between Number of Volunteers and Fie
We have also started to implement office 365 and PowerBI solution to our new Client Tax & Advise Ltd.

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