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At Vizion360 we assist our clients in making their data work through our Vizion360 Impact Analytics platform that features Microsoft Power BI as it's front end Visualization tool. Vizion360 Impact Analytics processes and reorganizes your transactional data into a format that makes your company's information easy to use and analyze. Using your organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI), including: Profitability, Efficiency, Sales, Bookings, Fill Rate, Margin, Margin Percentage and others, Impact Analytics and Power BI help you instantly analyze the factors that drive your KPIs and show you where you can improve your organization to maximize performance. How does it work? Data In, Information Out.

The Vizion360 Impact Analytics BI solution effectively extracts the data stored within your business systems and transforms it into performance statistics you can use to measure and manage your business more effectively. Vizion360 features multiple pre-configured modules that are customizable to your unique business attributes. These modules are available across a wide variety of industries and include Customer Focused (sales, orders, service), Supply Chain, Financial and Customer, and Product Profitability modules. Vizion360 Impact Analytics brings this all together with Microsoft Power BI to allow you to easily and quickly interact with your information across a wide variety scorecards, interactive dashboards, Excel pivot tables and custom automated reports across all devices - including mobile. To upgrade or introduce a BI solution in any organization, Vizion Solutions focuses on the data transformation and architecture of a customized data model designed around your business. Data transformation consists of assembling data, applying filters and business rules to that data, and presenting the synthesized information for analysis. Data transformation requires specialized software and a staff that can perform several skillsets with that software, including data architecture, data modeling, data extraction, and report development. We are the experts who harness the power of your data.

Why Choose Vizion360 Impact Analytics? Vizion360 has extensive experience in implementing BI solutions. We integrate BI strategies, leveraging our expertise to customize a data solution that helps you maximize efficiency and profitability. Using our Vizion360 Impact Analytics and Power BI, our team of BI Analysts and Success Managers work with your organization's decision-makers and project teams to identify, recommend, design, develop, implement, and support cost-effective solutions for external and internal development projects. Vizion360 believes that you should maximize the allocation of your resources towards your core competencies. We partner with you and allow you to leverage our experience. Our platform makes managing your data and information easier and faster. We design the BI solution around you, the business user, highlighted by point and click access to reports, effective data visualizations/interactive dashboards via Power BI and drag-and-drop ad hoc analytics - NO queries, NO code! Vizion360 is not just a vendor, we are your full-service BI solutions partner, assisting through all stages of the BI process from exploration to development, deployment, training, ongoing support and ultimately your continued success.

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