INFuse Data Solutions - Multi Academy Schools Performance Dashboard for SIMS

INFuse's Multi Academy SIMS Dashboard provides an essential platform of UK education analytics to monitor and review key performance across a group of schools controlled by a Multi Academy Trust. The dashboard would also be valuable for UK individual school academies.

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The INFuse Schools Performance Dashboard is broken up into four key components; Cohort Analysis, Attendance & Absence Performance and Exclusions analysis. These are key performance areas needing careful review in accordance with OFSTED guidelines. Each component provides key metric summaries and the ability to isolate and compare performance by key investigation areas; such as Pupil Premium, Children in Care, Special Educational Needs and  between schools across the MAT.

All the visual analytics are easy to navigate and are dynamically linked making adoption by users easy and intuitive. The interactive visuals contain the ability to drill to detail and extract information for further analysis as required – meaning that the Dashboard can provide both summary and detailed answers to a host of the Academies performance questions. The Dashboard's ability to capture performance  over time enables Academies to quickly identify trends and patterns in performance that allow insight from which to take action to maximise their success.

The Dashboard has been developed on a data set of amalgamated Capita SIMS (School Information Management System) extracts from across a wide group of schools in a MAT’s (Multi Academy Trust) control. This combination of multiple school's data sources into a single data model of analytics is at the heart of the INFuse Dashboard capabilities and clients will have this element of the solution engineered by INFuse so it can be easily refreshed when required or automatically if preferred.

The Dashboard can be deployed in days in your Academy's own Microsoft environment or hosted on your behalf by INFuse. A range of procurement and support options are available to suit. Whilst designed for Multi-school SIMs platforms, the dashboard would be ideal for individual schools who require great value, easy access to a visual suite of their school’s performance analytics.

INFuse are working with their education partner to constantly improve and expand the capability of this Dashboard and are developing enhancements to include key Ofsted Value Add analytics in the near future.

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