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Dynamics GP Executive Intelligence– Distribution With our Distribution Executive Intelligence dashboard, organizations utilizing Dynamics GP gain insights into key performance measures and the ability to quickly identify problem areas and solutions. Using Power BI, this solution provides intuitive visual analytics that foster decision-making insights, increase confidence, reduce time and create real impact. This dashboard will help you answer the question “How are we performing?” in three key areas: Sales, Operations, and Finance. Each area includes direct connection to your GP environment with key metrics selected and presented. This approach allows extensible drill down and through options to further delve into the data, allowing custom department dashboard creation.

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This dashboard is presented from an executive perspective, focusing on the key areas that impact overall decision making and organizational health indicators.  We have presented example metrics that are most important to your business.

The Sales area of the Dashboard allows selection of various measures of sales: Revenue, Expenses, Margin and Discounts.  It allows for comparison against budget and year over year for context and history.

The Operations section gives insight into the average time to fulfill orders, the most popular items shipped and the value of aged inventory.  In addition to the inventory value, the visual also shows the value of warehouse space, especially the slow-moving inventory warehouse space consumption.  Knowing what the cost of inventory in warehouse space is critical to efficient operations. 

The Finance section provides cash flow, AR, AP and Aged Receivables overview that charts the health of the business. 

Together these indicators provide a high-level overview of the efficiency of the organization and highlight areas that require executive involvement.  The data is provided in a format that is timely, accurate, available and easy to use.  This dashboard utilizes Power BI to make data available anywhere, anytime via the cloud and the Power BI mobile app.

The Kopis Power BI team will help you visualize and share your data with appropriate resources.  We work to simplify the approach to understanding and gaining insights, opening windows to ask more questions and more clearly define your future.

If you would like to learn more about how we can deliver actionable insights, please contact us.

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