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10th Magnitude

10th Magnitude is a 360° cloud services firm specializing in Microsoft Azure. We provide business customers of all sizes with a comprehensive suite of cloud services that includes: Microsoft Azure Migration We work with corporate IT teams to plan, architect and deploy the mix of cloud solutions that positions a company to its greatest advantage. Simplifying IT requirements by shifting workloads to the cloud creates value opportunities through savings, reinvestment, resource reallocation and on-demand scaling. Web, Media and Mobile Application Development We build and operate custom SaaS applications in the cloud that let customers compete more effectively. Scalable, secure applications let businesses address evolving markets quickly and cost effectively. Applications are web-based, mobile, or both; manage and deliver large amounts of content and analyze usage; scale seamlessly and respond to whatever device users choose. Using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud development platform lowers development risk, reduces time to market and virtually eliminates IT capital cost. DevOps and Azure-Enabled Infrastructure Automation Adopting DevOps practices allows companies to innovate faster. DevOps is a philosophy of collaboration between development and operations organizations, facilitated by continuous, automated technology. 10th Magnitude uses a variety of tools, including the industry-leading Chef, to create cloud-enabled automation approaches to developing, delivering and implementing software and supporting infrastructure. Managed Applications and Infrastructure Expert, professional 24/7 monitoring and support keeps customer systems running smoothly and the on-demand capacity of the cloud allows seamless scaling. Outsourced management of applications and infrastructure allows customers to focus on their business by creating hassle-free IT that offers high availability, monitoring, auto-scaling, storage, backup and disaster recovery.

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