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CData Software

New Connectors Enhance Power BI's Real-Time Data Connectivity Capabilities, Crucial to Business Analysts and Data Scientists

CData Software (www.cdata.com), a leading provider of standards-based drivers and data-access solutions for real-time data integration has more than 120 new data connectors for Microsoft Power BI. The CData Connectors extend the capabilities of Power BI by providing direct real-time data access to non-native SaaS, NoSQL and Big Data sources.

Familiar to millions of analysts, Power BI can now serve as a central platform for real-time analysis across a more complete ecosystem of applications and services. The Power BI Connectors are a boon to anyone using Power BI to:

  • Visualize and analyze disparate data
  • Collect data from divergent, non-natively supported data sources
  • Build live, interactive reports from SaaS application data
  • Aggregate data for analytics across operational and back-office systems
  • And much more.

The CData Power BI Connectors are built on the same high-performance SQL engine that powers the CData ODBC Drivers, actively used by thousands of enterprises for mission-critical applications. The Power BI connectors add support for Direct Query that is not otherwise available when technologies like ODBC are used in Power BI. Like all CData drivers, the Power BI Connectors transform SQL queries generated from the desired endpoint, in this case, Power BI, into API calls that fetch live data from popular on-premise and cloud sales, marketing, project management and logistics applications.

The new CData Connectors offer direct real-time connectivity to a vast array of enterprise data sources, including popular data sources, such as:

  • NoSQL, Big Data, RDBMS: Redshift, HBase, Hive, Cassandra, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Google BigQuery, IBM Cloudant, Redis
  • CRM & Marketing: Netsuite, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zoho, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Accounting: Intacct, QuickBooks (On-Prem & Online), Sage, FreshBooks, Xero
  • ERP & Collaboration: Exact, Google Apps, Jira, Magento, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, ServiceNow, SmartSheet
  • File & Services: Box, Dropbox, S3, Google Sheets, JSON, Excel Online
  • and more

A complete list of currently available data sources can be found online at www.cdata.com/powerbi/. In addition to releasing these Connectors, CData is actively progressing toward connector certification, which will enable CData drivers to work seamlessly with the Microsoft on-premise data gateway and deliver more seamless data integration for Power BI and PowerApps users.

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