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itelligent-i provides public sector organisation with an Information Strategy, delivering best in class business intelligence aligned to the organisation strategic direction. itelligent-i has a proven background and understands the security requirements and complexities in research, operational reports, performance management and citizen insight.

itelligent-i has developed our Information Strategy while working with the Local Authorities and Central Government organisations to not only provide best in class insight, but to also ensure information is aligned to strategic needs, and managed in accordance with the highest Security and Governance especially in regard to sensitive data.

Our Information Strategy Methodology provides structure to implement full Business Intelligence implementations to support and develop insight and predictive analytics. We have numerous demonstrations and real-life examples of how to analyse and present Adult Social Care, Children's Services, Housing, County Council and Borough profiles (deprivation, migration etc.), Customer Insight (Dynamics CRM) and much more.

itelligent-i consultants has held senior positions in Local Authorities Research departments and best in class private sector bring the latest and best thought process together. We have developed BI solutions form Adult Social Care through to roadworks and potholes for Members and Senior Executives. Our consultants are incredibility knowledgeable in all area's of Local Authority data, and are able to guide our customers through every hurdle and challenge to implementing a full corporate implementations and solutions, and can provide references of our work.

In addition to producing and publishing the very best research and information, itelligent-i will support the transformation of business intelligence in any organisation. Our methodology not only enables and upskills our clients resources, it also address security and governance challenges, and resolve data quality problems. Our programmatic approach to implementing business intelligence on small or large projects includes all change management techniques you would expect from a dynamic and friendly partner.

itelligent-i has proven delivery and expertise in the Public Sector. We can deliver specific solutions for Fraud, Troubled Families or CIN, or alternatively we can provide a corporate solution (our largest project being over 2,500 Power BI users with full Azure Data Warehouse deployment.

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