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Kaya Consulting

Kaya Consulting offers services in BI and Advanced Analytics, from the visualization of information using visualization tools up to the world of Predictive Business Analytics, Descriptive Modeling and Analysis of Unstructured Data using Machine Learning. BI & Advanced Analytics transforms information into insights enabling companies to make smarter decisions that drive strategy and improve business performance. 


Kaya Consulting helps enterprises to create their own analytics platforms offering pre-built analytics scenario models. For more specific advanced analytics needs we have readiness to build customized models taking consideration the best solution and technologies available on the market.

Enterprises use different solutions to collect data about their businesses, but have often difficulties to make the data serve their strategic questions. Kaya has implemented numerous Business Analytics solutions from easily deployable visualization tools like Power BI and reporting tools like Microsoft Management Reporter, SSRS reports to building data-warehouses feeding Business Analytics tools. Our latest efforts are invested in Machine Learning capabilities and in gathering data using the internet of things using for example Raspberry Pi’s.


The partnership will help you through the whole advanced analytics lifecycle from defining the strategic questions, finding the right sources of internal and external datasets to interpreting and visualizing the results in an understandable way through dashboards, alerts, reports etc., and presenting the outcome on whatever device the companies are using or are ready to use.

The Kaya Consulting advances analytics team consists of people with different backgrounds. Working in the field of ERP solutions for over 13 years, with much experience in business process management. There are also people with strong data science skills who are familiar with modern trends in this field. Supervised machine learning methods are used that will test a specific hypothesis in mind, as well as unsupervised methods which discover interesting hidden patterns without specific previous assumptions. 

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Дополнительные сведения