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We are data enthusiasts. These days an overwhelming amount of data is produced. We understood that an effective transformation of raw data into business information and knowledge is the main key to gain a competitive edge. A fast and optimal decision is the king.
Our motto is: "From data to action. Simply". That is why, during implementation projects, we use Business Intelligence class solutions, like Power BI reporting, custom made applications, or data migration to Azure cloud. Many years of BI experience allowed us to prepare tailored, practice-oriented Power BI trainings, both on the basic and advanced level.

Antdata Services

Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions (and Power BI in particular) unequivocally increases the organization's capacity and capability to understand its data and make right, data-based decisions.
In a truly revolutionary way, it helps to use in full not only the data but also the potential of the team members. They have effectively more time to think about what the data means and take appropriate actions, instead of focusing on repeated, mundane, and never-ending attempt to finish the calculation, making the right chart or slide. What is more, the data is displayed on state-of-the-art, visually appealing, and error-free dashboard.

When talking about Power Apps we mean both – a production environment for developers and a final product – business applications, that from the customer’s point of view look and work the same as apps that we download on our devices from Apple Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store.

Typically building an app requires writing code in one of the standard programming languages and it is a job for a knowledgeable professional developer. It is a difficult, time-consuming, and costly task where many things can go wrong. It is rarely seen that it is manageable to build a business application even within the same organization that would extend its functionality over many different locations or departments. Usually, there are numerous ideas of how to use the tremendous possibilities of the company’s devices or automate business processes but the cost of its execution using conventional methods is much higher than the potential benefits.

After getting to know the company’s business needs and its current and potential (if that’s the company’s requirement) data, Antdata can propose, design, and implement a well-fitted data architecture. We thoroughly analyse how the data is gathered, organized, stored, processed and most of all how it is used, to be able to implement the best solution and as smoothly as possible.

Let us consider the following example – a client operates on many systems (e.g., sales, ERP) and on-premises databases and has many users with different levels of access rights to the data. Analyses and reports are created manually in spreadsheets, and saving or merging them is a time-consuming, complex, and error-prone process. Our goal is to build an automatic and reliable solution that will allow our client to quickly access the company’s critical data without risking unauthorized access or data leakage.

A good solution, in this case, could be the implementation of Azure Data Factory, where we can integrate many data sources (e.g., ERP, CRM, MES) into one cloud-based data repository that then can become the main source of information for Power BI reports. Data can come from local servers, web applications such as Power Apps.

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