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E-mergo B.V.

E-mergo is TimeXtender Partner of the Year('19&'20) and Microsoft Gold Partner. Our company is certified in accordance with national and international standards such ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 4400-1. Working from the motto ‘Manage your data, innovate your business’ we help you to get value from your data. We do this using software from Microsoft and TimeXtender, for which we deliver software, consultancy and (24/7) support. Together, we will help your company to create new business models and to reduce costs.

While helping our clients to get the most out of Power BI we recommend what we like to call the 'Golden Triangle'. The Golden Triangle combines Power BI with TimeXtender's data management platform and the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We believe this combination helps our customers to get more value from their data in a faster, more scalable way. Why do Microsoft Azure, TimeXtender and Power BI form the Golden Triangle? Ultimately, all these programs need and reinforce each other. Power BI requires a good foundation, which TimeXtender can build, to enable self-service BI. TimeXtender needs Power BI to visualize the data. Lastly, TimeXtender and Power BI need Azure to optimally prepare and process the data in a cost-efficient way.

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