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Future Intelligence Technology Inc.

FITi is the leading Cloud CRM consulting company in Taiwan and we take pride in assisting various industries with digital transformation.  Companies often require better customer insights so it is important that we offer them a suitable analytic solution to fit business needs.   Data in CRM through different channels such as POS, ERP, or orders can be further analyzed and help customers to make insightful decision making.

For B2C companies, FITi consultants assist retail brands in assessing the current state of the brand's business. After requirement interviews to understand the current problems faced by the customer and understand its operational goals, FITi will introduce Power BI that can analyze complex customer data. Power BI can translate various dimensions of data into dynamic Dashboards that can be used and visualized easily.

From dashboard, decision makers can understand the operating status and comparison of different locations, times, and stores. Furthermore, we can also help our customer to understand the analysis of various dimensions such as gender distribution, preference between age groups, and the contribution of VIP customers at each branch. Companies can then based on the insights generated to make appropriate business decisions such as:  arranging suitable promotion periods, doing promotion programs for customers of a certain age to maximize ROI, and reducing inventories to save costs. 

For B2B companies, FITi also helps to introduce and implement the best analytic tool that can analyze existing customer data, understand customer data from different dimensions, and further assists in making in-depth and accurate decisions. This information can be beneficially to relevant departments.  For Marketing team, the analytic tool can help them understand the frequency and preferences of customers, such as tracking the number of open E-mails, understanding customer preferences through links clicked, and further sending sales to targeted customers to close deal more effectively.  For Sales team, we help them maximize Power BI to understand contribution rates of each customer so that they can manage VIP customers effectively.  For Customer Service team,  FITi helps to enable CS agents to understand customer problems from analytic data generated from Power BI to help them find solutions. They can also use this solution to find out products with most cases so that the product team can work on improvements.  We have successfully implemented Essence Information Co. with Power BI to help achieve business success.

FITi has proven ability to help both B2B and B2C companies leveraging current customer data, use the analytical power of analytical tools, and calculate large amounts of data to obtain effective analysis results for companies.  We help companies to gain customer Insights so decision makers can make accurate business decisions to enhance operational efficiency and maximize profit.

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