Dynamic People B.V. - Accounts Receivable Report

One of the biggest factors that can impact a business’ cash flow is how well they manage their accounts receivable. Master your accounts receivable process and stay healthy with Dynamic People’s “Accounts Receivable Report”. With this report you have up to date information about payments due, anytime and anywhere. Dynamic People offers Power BI training to give you a quick start on the road to Self Service BI. Besides training, we offer fast BI solutions such as financial dashboards. All with the emphasis on actionable, value added insight and analysis. Get in touch and learn how to build these reports yourself.

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Dynamic People offers financial dashboards with the emphasis on actionable, value added insight and analysis. With the ‘Accounts Receivable Report’ you have up to date information about payments due anytime and anywhere. Pin the most important visuals to your dashboard to access it from your mobile, tablet or laptop quickly and easily. Take control of your outstanding amounts.

The report is designed to give you the best experience, as clear as possible. You can find page specific explanations and applicable filters when you click on the icons in the top right corner. Leaving optimal room for your desired content.

The showcase is based on the Contoso dataset, a fictitious retail demo dataset used for presenting Microsoft Business Intelligence products.

Current Totals

In clear and easy to read visuals, ‘Current Totals’ tells you the total amounts outstanding by aging buckets. So you can prioritize effectively. Use the drill through option to dive deeper into a specific aging bucket. It will take you to the ‘Accounts Receivable Details’ page that is filtered by the ageing bucket you selected. The result is a list of invoices outstanding in from this ageing group.

Key Influencers

The report offers additional analysis and insights about key influencers of the amount due. Furthermore, it provides the knowledge necessary for you to undertake action and minimize unwanted results. Based on the explanation variables of your choice you might want to prioritize your business in certain regions over others. These kind of analyses can help you in strategic decision making processes.

Expected Payments

Take a look into the future with the ‘Expected Payments’ page. This page also provides a reference to the same period last year for extra context.

Movement over Time

In order to understand certain trends, outliers or movements in general, the ‘Movement over Time’ page provides a great overview.

Customer Credit Limit

Not all customers are the same and you might want to focus on specific credit limit agreements per customer. To keep an eye out on your customers credit limits, this is the page to go. Do you have a customer that is crossing the limit? The ‘Notify Sales Representative’-button will give you the opportunity to take action immediately.

Customer Overview

The ‘Customer Overview’ provides in depth details about your customers and a visual with the top 10 invoiced outstanding with the highest priority. The filters allow you to select specific customers you would like to focus on.

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