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With our Process Mining solution PAFnow you can quickly visualize and analyze as-is business processes down to a single case level. Process Mining turns event data into meaningful models of real as-is-processes. Process Mining uncovers hidden information about processes and generates new insights.

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Process Mining transforms business process improvement from a once-in-a-while project into a daily routine of business operations. 

At PAF, we made it our mission to globalize and democratize Process Mining, including our results from research and innovation projects. Check out the preview of some of our report pages to see how easy it is. 

The Challenge:  

When you’re working with digital processes, it’s difficult to find out what your real business process looks like. Usually there is an ideal model, but you can never be sure that it is followed correctly.  

Plus, there’s a difference between suspecting something is wrong with your process, knowing that something is wrong, and knowing exactly what it is and what’s causing it. 

Added on top are the many exceptions to the daily business, that create different variants of a process. 

So how do you know what your actual process looks like and where you can find improvement potential? 

The Solution:  

Visualize your process from data with Process Mining. 

Process Mining connects areas of BI, process management and analytics by visualizing data in an easy to understand process flow. Based on this visualization, users can analyze their processes in detail and start optimization measures. 

PAFnow adds Process Mining capabilities to the Power BI and Office 365 infrastructure. 

With PAFnow users can: 
  • Explore process variants, identify bottlenecks, discover root-causes, and much more.  
  • Dive deep into data with complete cross-filtering and color highlights.  
  • Access advanced features such as a minimap, variant indicator and filter preview.  
  • Calculate process durations using the End-Timestamp.  
  • Group process flows and use many layout options.  
  • Use Conformance Check and Breadcrumb features  
  • Monitor KPIs and the success of improvement strategies 

Find the right version for their needs: 

PAFnow Process Mining – Easy entry into Process Mining with our free visual for Power BI.

Or choose from one of our product suites, including ready made report pages and up to 10 more PAFnow custom visuals for Process Mining:

  • PAFnow Premium – Ready-to-use application for automatic process analysis and direct optimization 
  • PAFnow Enterprise and Content Packs – Make company-wide, well-founded decisions for better business processes 


Objective: Since it’s data-based, Process Mining is unbiased and unaffected by partial or limited perception of a process. 

Complete: Process Mining shows all exceptions, deviations and hidden variants of end-to-end business processes.  

Fast: It only takes the fraction of a time compared to traditional analysis projects, to receive results. Plus, there is no interruption of the day-to-day business through workshops and interviews.  

Ready-to-use: It’s easy to get started with Process Mining with our pre-built dashboards. You only need event data of your processes, either stored in a database or as a CSV file. 

Interactive: Adding Process Mining to Power BI allows to leverage the results from Process Mining analysis across an organization’s Office 365 infrastructure. 

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