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Qode Health Solutions

Qode Health Solutions is a South African Medical Technology (MedTech) company passionate about bringing forth an African healthcare revolution in patient care and world-class health outcomes. Our customers include government departments, Non-Profit organisations operating within a donor funded environment. We have extensive African-based HIV, TB and related health data experience, to assist with automated data collection and ‘real-time’ reporting.

Any healthcare solution that we deploy in Africa, is always developed to serve the patient; with the aim to improve the quality of care and health outcomes. Our solutions are scoped and developed with clinical experts to achieve just that.

Customer Challenges

  •  Timeous, costly and inefficient data collection processes 
  • Poor quality community and facility data
  • Tedious data cleanup processes for Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Paper processes resulting in delayed reporting 
  • Incorrect data capturing yielding poor quality data reports •
  • M&E officers have limited time to analyse the data, as data cleanup is always required

Qode’s Solution

  • Automated Data Collection solutions
  • Combining disparate data sources into one knowledge base to be analysed and queried
  • Centralised data repository 
  • Enhanced data management and security 
  • Analytic and Dynamic reporting platform

M&E Knowledge Center is the deployment of a data warehousing and analytics infrastructure that can support the role of M&E in the reporting on routine and non-routine data to donors, funders, partners and relevant stakeholders

Desired Outcomes

  • Ability to monitor programs instead of combining datasets manually
  • Monitoring of HTS counsellor testing behaviours through the Fast and Efficient Monitoring and Reporting platform
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of all donor funded reporting requirements

Real-Time requirement of Customer Monitoring and Evaluation teams, are addressed through Qode’s Knowledge Centre utilising Microsoft technology stack – offers secure real-time interactive reports. 

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