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Streams Tech, Inc.

Streams Tech, Inc.

Streams Tech is an internationally recognized engineering, science, and information technology company with extensive experience in developing IT solutions for Management Information System, Monitoring and Evaluation, Geographic Information System, Business Intelligence, environmental applications, and support systems.

We transform data into information and provide a visual representation through PowerBI that helps our clients achieve project targeted goals. We also have in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing GIS or GIS-based Management Information System (MIS) applications, decision support dashboards, database management software, mobile survey, and data collecting applications, and decision support tools for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) integrated with both online and offline tools. 

1.    Business Intelligence
Streams Tech has extensive experience in Power BI to help clients find insights within their organization's data. We are experienced in generating dynamic dashboards for data aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing. The dashboards can also derive reports and provide quick insights to meet business metrics.

2.    GIS

Streams Tech provides essential technical assistance services and technical support related to GIS or geospatial applications and data processing services in multidisciplinary areas for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. We develop custom modules for GIS platform like ArcGIS that integrates GIS with modeling

3.    M&E

At Streams Tech, we design and develop MIS and M&E software using industry-standard tools to develop robust MIS applications that range from user-friendly and interactive delineation tool to full-blown models to increase productivity, automate complex tasks, and make better decisions.

4.    Web Application

Streams Tech has profound expertise in developing e-commerce solutions, CMS solutions, ERP solutions, dashboards and reporting tools, and any kind of custom web solutions.

5.    Mobile Application

Streams Tech provides efficient mobile software development services across different platforms and technologies with geo-tagging capabilities and online/offline data collection.

6.    Consultancy Services

Streams Tech consultancy business group is specialized in advanced GIS and water modeling and simulation technologies. We are well equipped with custom modeling and data processing tools developed by us.

7.    Water Modelling

Streams Tech performs environmental engineering and water resources consulting services in the sectors of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS), wastewater management and master plan, FSM and solid waste management, Water Resources Modeling and Management (WRM), hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling.

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