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The way data generates and disperses is fundamentally different than it used to be.  The volume of data produced is greater than any time in history.  All of this data production stems from a variety of disconnected sources.  In addition to the volume and variety, the velocity of data generation is faster than ever.  More and more systems are providing data at real-time or near real-time. The combination of volume, variety and velocity is what we at Teksouth refer to as data overload.

Data overload requires a different understanding of data.  A different set of best practices, strategies and processes to make data work for you.

This new vision of data has changed expectations.  Professionals at all levels now expect to go to work in a data driven culture that provides them actionable insights.  Actionable insights look beyond the numbers. They allow organizations to not only discover problems, but also discover opportunities.  Instead of outdated information and manual slide decks, organizations leverage real-time tools with agile business intelligence models. 

Actionable insights lead organizations to the root causes keeping them from achieving their Key Performance Indicators.  This drives organizations to affect the news rather than reporting it.  For more than 37 years, we have made it our mission to deliver solutions that enable our customers to do more than simply “manage” their data, but actually USE it. Actionable insights require services that are fast, agile, flexible, and innovative and the support of a team of the most seasoned professionals. 

That is why Teksouth assembled Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS) powered by EntelliFusionTM.  Through purpose-built solutions, Teksouth takes its customers on a journey toward succeeding in a world of data overload.   BIaaS is a next-gen agile deployment one-stop-shop managed BI solution designed to incorporate self-service BI functionality.

EntelliFusionTM, now available commercial, has massively scaled across the US Federal DoD for 20 years. In one instance it successfully  manages financial and operational data analytics and decision support by integrating 226 interfaces for over 15,000 users running over 30 million ad-hoc queries annually.  It has had 99.99% up time for 15 years proving itself reliable while continuously innovated and built on the latest Microsoft technology and frameworks.  It is data agnostic, infinitely scalable, and guarantees accuracy and performance to promote end-user tool adoption.  We can host it in the cloud or on premise.   It is the first place to begin future readiness to facilitate AI & ML capabilities across an enterprise.

With Teksouth’s Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS), we share the journey to ensure successful data driven cultural transformation.  We develop, host, maintain and support.  Our clients stay lean and focused on their business, make progress continuously with agile development sprints, and reduce the often-unknown capital and operational resources required to make it all work.  Three fundamental features make these efficiencies possible: managed services, subscription models and cloud computing, all in one. 

EntelliFusionTM powered BIaaS Advantages:

- Rest assurance your BI & Analytics capability will be performant, accurate & scalable.

- Offload risk by avoiding infrastructure & overhead capital requirements.

- Streamline cash flow with our first of breed subscription models: for development & operations.

- Decrease expenses with the economy of scale realized with cloud computing & storage.

All we need it your data.

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