Accobat - PowerBI Planning and writeback

This Solution shows how to do Planning, Forecasting and data entry directly in PowerBI. With the custom visualization accoPLANNING you can use any existing PowerBI data model and just add a SQL table for storing your writeback data.

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Business Problem

To achieve a smooth, user friendly and flexible planning and budget process you need to be able to type in your contributions to the planning process easily.

Business Solution 

The custom Power Bi visualization, accoPLANNING, it writeback enable any Power BI model. This means that you can transform Power BI into a planning solution in no time. With planning data instantly in you Power BI model you have a powerful way to provide insight into you company future performance and progress on you goals along with key performance indicators. Utilize and reuse all the functionality, security and calculations of Power BI in your Planning solution.

Target Audience

The solution aimed at finance people, project leader and management. It provides a quick and flexible solution to make planning and budget processes in the same tool and data model as your follow reports and analysis.

This showcase for accoPLANNING is an offer for a handy solution that addresses the FP&A process, and by bypasses the issues that attach to the major financial planning tools. With accoPLANNING you get a cost efficient and extremely fast implemented planning solution that uses Power BI's agility and data security.

accoPLANNING empowers you to utilize all the functionality of PowerBI including DAX, row level security,

Type in data, Splash data from aggregated levels, add text, comments, dates and time formats.

Automated Forecasting

AccoPLANNING also provides the opportunity to apply automated forecasting. The forecast uses a calculated trend based on past data to predict next years of finance data.

The forecast estimates each month separately to account for seasonal changes over the year.

It only takes 1 click to add the forecast to your AccoPLANNING!

Outlier prediction

With the addition of automated forecasting, it is now possible using AccoPLANNING to predict outliers by comparing the forecast written into AccoPLANNING with the predicted values from the automated forecast

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