Beyond Key - Nonprofit dashboards and analytics

Data analytics for Non-Profits is the act of gathering and analyzing unprocessed data. The ultimate objective is to identify patterns, analyze performance, and identify beneficial next steps to assist organizations in achieving their objectives for fundraising and donor stewardship. Analyzing a Non-Profit’s data may enhance a range of nonprofit activities, including: • Attracting and keeping followers • Generating money and carrying out research • Reporting on progress and upholding responsibility • Forecasting and planning for upcoming campaigns By using our customized Power BI report based on your NPO model needs, you can analyze nonprofit data more quickly.

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Nonprofits are in a better position to uncover crucial connections and simplify ongoing operations with to Beyond Key's data analytics tools. When armed with effective data analytics solutions and strategies, this will clear the way for their future growth.

Data has the potential to be a useful addition to your job, providing you with the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions. These data analytics models have enormous advantages for NPO organizations.

  • Boost outreach initiatives.
  • Amplify your membership recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Determine more successful fundraising strategies.
  • Provide in-depth analyses of various data sets.
  • Improve the production of reports and accountability.
  • Simplify the process of forecasting the budget.

Beyond Key has developed some powerful dashboards and reports to help Non-Profit organization of all sizes and types to help them read and understand their data in a better way. We have created customized Power BI dashboards which can be connected to your data source and can render meaningful data   to help you track donors, vendors and marketing events in a simpler way. 

The NPO analytics dashboard seeks to provide meaningful data on the following:

  1. Donor Analytics
  2. Events Analysis
  3. Fundraising
  4. Donation Trend

The fact that it's a customized solution allows for the easy addition of any other new KPIs that are desired.

Users of the report may now quickly get answers to questions about donations, which boosts public participation and fundraising, thanks to Beyond Key's NPO Analytics Solution.

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