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Analytics on Microsoft CRM that show how your sales team is tracking now and providing insights on where you need to focus to exceed your targets.

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PowerBI for Sales and Marketing

The benefit of PowerBI is that you can plug this directly into your CRM and start getting:
  • answers to basic questions in a fast and intuitive way-insights that highlight where you need to focus your attention
  • insight on why you are losing deals and apply this thinking to deals that are now in the pipeline so you can improve your win rate
  • insight about which stages your sales representatives are struggling most
  • help to qualify which customers and opportunities you should go for

Monitor your sales performance and improve your sales execution
Working out which ones have performed in the past is one thing, but working out who is going to meet their targets this month, next month, this year can be hit and miss.  Instead of relying solely on conversations, you can complement intuition with data insights in PowerBI.  Let us explain:
  • We have found some correlation between the last time sales representatives update a CRM record and an opportunity either being lost or pushed out.
  • We have also found some correlation between the amount of time an opportunity is ‘stuck’ in a sales stage and lost, pushed out or instances where the final sale amount is different from what is in CRM

What is your history with your clients?
A filtered dashboard of Client history of won, lost and open deals can get sales professionals up to date in a fast and intuitive way and help qualify which opportunities you should go for.

What sales are at risk?
As a sales manager, you are not just responsible for meeting your targets, you are also responsible for reporting sales and forecasting sales accurately.  There’s a few things you need to know that can be answered by integrating PowerBI:
  • What deals are likely to close this month/ quarter?
  • Which deals are in CRM as closing in that period but aren’t going to happen?  No matter how many times you ask the team to update CRM, you have got no chance of them keeping it accurate.  You just need to know what is likely to close.
  • If you can find the sales that are could be delayed because of one or both things, then you can intervene by either re-qualifying the opportunity, or changing the game.

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